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Research the usefulness of Arnaugir’s Python code for template adaptation
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User:Arnaugir from the Catalan Wikipedia made a bot for adapting templates between Spanish and Catalan. It may be useful for template adaptation in CX, but needs research.

Must be time-boxed.

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Hadn't seen this one :) lots of articles are translated from english & spanish, so I made a bot to "catalanize" the ref templates (both the template name and its parameters). Obviously it is "hardcoded" and it is really improvable, but it works.

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Since we want to improve template adaptation for all language pairs, we looked at this code and some other tools. In general we are going to use template data mre and involve translator to adapt the template with a UI has more information and T139332: CX1 Template editor (tracking) (deprecated) has some design ideas.

But it is almost certain that we may not be able to use the python based tool as such with our new plan.