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Deleted page appears in category
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The following page : Annexe:Conjugaison française:structure de haïr
appairs always after deleting.

Since few weeks, we can't remove it of this category and nobody can explain this

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Severity: normal



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 9:22 PM
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robchur wrote:

Without having the means to check at this precise second, it sounds like there
could be a dud title knocking about in the categorylinks table.

How to resolve that ? Nobody was able to remove that, even sysops.

The link of the deleted page appairs on Special:Shortpage, too... with 7 bytes.

Have you seen this problem ? We don't know how to resolve that.

rotemliss wrote:

Try to restore the page, then delete it again.

I done that. I restored the page and it appeared twice in this catégory.

I deleted it, and it appeared once in this category.

Impossible to delete it. Failed.

Have you an idea to resolve this bug ?

ayg wrote:

Someone with shell access should take a look.

Have sysops an acces on the shell ? And Howto access ?

ayg wrote:

There are, I think, maybe five active people with [[shell access]] on WMF sites,
total (and they have access to all the sites). See [[m:Developer]] for a
doubtless-outdated list. Please be patient, one should get around to it sooner
or later.

Some pages were left broken after a namespace change, and thus inaccessible.

These have now been resolved:

Checking namespace 100: "Annexe"
... 3 conflicts detected:
... 233033 (0,"Annexe:Conjugaison_allemande/bekommen_(haben)") -> (100,"Conjugaison_allemande/bekommen_(haben)")
[[Annexe:Conjugaison allemande/bekommen (haben)]]
... * cannot resolve automatically; page exists with ID 233034 *
... * using suffixed form [[Annexe:Conjugaison allemande/bekommen (haben)/broken]] *
... resolving on page... ok.
... 233054 (0,"Annexe:Conjugaison_allemande/drumrumreden") -> (100,"Conjugaison_allemande/drumrumreden")
[[Annexe:Conjugaison allemande/drumrumreden]]
... * cannot resolve automatically; page exists with ID 233055 *
... * using suffixed form [[Annexe:Conjugaison allemande/drumrumreden/broken]] *
... resolving on page... ok.
... 233049 (0,"Annexe:Conjugaison_française:structure_de_haïr") -> (100,"Conjugaison_française:structure_de_haïr")
[[Annexe:Conjugaison française:structure de haïr]]
... resolving on page... ok.

So the page can be deleted (now correctly) at your leisure.