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FormWizard Gadget can be configured to use revisionuser name as page title
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This wasn't something we originally scoped for using FormWizard to create user profile pages, but it has become apparent that this would be very useful as an option.

Basically: we need to be able to set a variable in 'create':'config' that uses the form-creator username as the page title, rather than asking for that information. If this option is set in the config, users who are not logged in will not be able to create pages with that Wizard.

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The user will be able to use the gadget to create a page only once. Once a page is created, then the gadget will not allow any more pages to be created as the 'username' as page title will be duplicate. So we'll have to notify the user the same. Is this the flow we want?

@Jephpaul. I'd like it as a configurable option, not as the default flow. It would really only be used for profiles on the Co-op and IdeaLab. I'm lowering the priority on this task since the current situation (people type whatever name they want for their profile page) works fine. Let's revisit this idea when the work queue is emptied.

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