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Default tag view blocks navigation
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Since the new upgrade, I can't visit tags any longer. If I do, I get stuck loading tons of stuff by default (the workboard) and I have to wait till it's done before I can click what I want, e.g. "Feed". This is made worse by

  • the slowness of workboards even on a mid-sized project over a fast connection,
  • the fact that hover text for the sidebar icons doesn't appear until all the workboard is loaded,
  • the fact that even if I don't wait for the hover text my click on the icon doesn't do anything until everything is loaded,
  • the fact that for some reason now closed tasks are shown in workboards by default (at least in all workboards I could see).

In my test, going from a task to the feed just took 14 seconds if not waiting for the hover text, or 36 when I waited. And this is on Nth view, so with warm cache.

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For me, loading the board itself takes ~8.5sec with a cold cache, and ~4.2 sec if some "shared" Phabricator elements have already been loaded before (while still bypassing the browser cache for the page itself).

If you cannot "visit any longer", does that mean you get a timeout or "Script is slow" error? How does it "block" navigation for you, compared to just being slow?

We won't maintain some downstream patch for not showing the workboard by default (see my arguments in T89865) so the right fix is to improve performance upstream.

No, the right fix is to avoid forcing me to go through a slow unneeded step to do what I'm trying to do. If I want to take a train from Milan to Berlin and I'm sent to Madrid first, the solution is not to build a fast train track between Turin and Lyon.

As for "can't open", another example: Wikimedia-Site-requests takes 30 seconds: according to , «A 10-second delay will often make users leave a site immediately».