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Make the number of days grouped by enhanced recentchanges configurable
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Enhanced RecentChanges (now default in MediaWiki core) group edits of Special:RecentChanges and Special:Watchlist by title and day, as opposed to "normal" RC which just lists all individual edits sorted by timestamp.

Sometimes it would be better to have an even more concise overview, grouping edits by week or even month. All edits for a page would show up as a single row. This is especially useful when some pages are much more frequently edited than others and hence occupy many more rows than others; it's also useful when a Watchlist/RC is rather quiet, as it allows to have links to combined diffs even for edits happened on different days.

Someone even made an extension that does something similar, it seems:

See also: T10681: Group changes across days in enhanced rc

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Ha, this has been bugging me too. I would want to view my enhanced watchlist with no grouping at all, myself. (Even though it has quite a lot of new changes every day.) Probably can't avoid making this a user preference.

Glad you agree! I've been thinking about this for a while too but I finally filed it based on a conversation between @Elitre and @Giaccai on how to follow wiki students.

Yes, this would necessarily be another preference similar to "recentchangesdays" etc., with the caveat that

  • it should be next to usenewrc,
  • apply to both RC and Watchlist,
  • ideally/eventually be edited via a switch within those special pages, per T33881.

I think this might be the parent task of T10681: Group changes across days in enhanced rc which IIUC is asking for a simple on/off toggle for the daily-grouping.

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