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Update Autonym font to use Noto font family
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The Autonym font compiles the necessary characters to display a list of language names. That requires to subset fonts for different scripts (not necessarily consistent in typographic metrics).

Since Autonym is used when multiple scripts are listed together it would be desirable that fonts are as consistent as possible. Making autonym to be based on the Noto font family will improve that consistency.

Noto project aims to cover all scripts with a set of consistent opensource fonts. Noto fonts support most languages and coverage is growing. Howver some languages are not supported yet (as of aug. 2014):

  • Divehi
  • Dzongkha
  • Oriya
  • Tibetan

Acceptance criteria

  • Autonym font uses Noto fonts to display all language names supported by the Noto font family.
  • The rendering is considered correct by speakers of those languages.
  • Languages not supported by Noto fonts can still be rendered using alternative Open Source fonts.
  • Scripts are prepared to make it as easy as possible to support new fonts of the Noto family once they expand their language support.


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