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Newly created DM wrongly associated with existing Expression
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Author: susanna.bjorverud

Today I created another DM for [[WiktionaryZ:skälla]] (== cowbell). I started
from the Swedish Expression and added a Swedish Definition (only) first, and
saved. Then I proceeded to translate the Definition to English after which I
saved. After consulting with native speakers on IRC, I went on to add the
English Expression [[WiktionaryZ:cowbell]] as a SynTrans.

I then happened to check [[WiktionaryZ:spell]] (which had been edited about the
same time) and to my amazement found the Definition I just created for
[[WiktionaryZ:skälla]] as a Definition for that Expression as well, but with no
other SynTrans:es associated.

To try to fix this, I added [[WiktionaryZ:skälla]] in the SynTrans table for the
DM at [[WiktionaryZ:spell]], then selected [[WiktionaryZ:skälla]] and removed
[[WiktionaryZ:spell]] as a SynTrans. This removed all traces of the Definition
from [[WiktionaryZ:spell]], but left me with two identical Definitions on

Thinking this was an ordinary case of a doubled DM, I proceeded to blank as much
as possible of the doublet, and saved. To my amazement the changes made to the
one Definition, was reflected on the other...., but the SynTrans tables of the
two of them where not identical.

I restored the content to one of the DM:s (actually the one I had _not_ removed
them from) and it reappeared in both. So somehow I have found a way to already
now reuse Definitions. *lol*

I then chose a SynTrans that only appeared in one of the DM:s (it was
[[WiktionaryZ:clochette]] but that has since been removed from the DM:s), and
removed [[WiktionaryZ:skälla]] and readded it. Now [[WiktionaryZ:skälla]] only
has the Definition once, but [[WiktionaryZ:koskälla]] still has it twice.

Sorry for being so longwinded, since I have no clue what triggered the addition
of the newly created Definition to [[WiktionaryZ:spell]] (the original error), I
wanted to give as much details as I could.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Mac OS X 10.3
Platform: Macintosh



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kipmaster wrote:

Today, I observed the same situation with (to delete) and (to keep).

They share the same definitions, but not the same translations (blaking the
definitions in "de rien" blanked "Feuerwehrmann" as well). Since the numbers are
close, they must have been also created at about the same time.

kipmaster wrote:

This bug was not observed for a while.