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Add 'file a bug' link to tool labs error pages
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Especially the 'no webservice' page. There should be an easy way for users to request a restart. Linking them to the phabricator create a task form (with Tool-Labs as default project) can help for that.

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-1. Right now the "no webservice" page (eg is imo quite informative on who's the maintainer and asks the user to contact the maintainer. The de-facto standard way has been contacting them on their talk pages. Redirecting this process to Phabricator would create unnecessary complexities for newbies who may be unfamiliar with Phabricator.

Dito. I'd especially dislike the default Toolforge tag for Phabricator tasks. This could be interpreted that Toolforge administrators will fix anything :-). Linking the user pages of the maintainers is IMHO enough to be able to nudge someone who should know what is happening.