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Hacking: Load i18n messages from MediaWiki to browser tests
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Possible project for any of the hackathons.

I've seen in multiple projects that browser test pages specify strings with messages from the HTML:

Those messages are brittle because if they change or they get translated differently the tests will break.

i18n messages have good conventions around them, so we should be able to scan and grab the messages from mediawiki core, and from the installed extensions and put them on a hash we can use in the pages (concrete design of the code open to thoughts) so that we can reference elements by text in a solid way that wont break (and also test cross-language tests without trouble).

The idea would be that instead of doing this:

class NotFoundPage
  include PageObject

  h1(:title, text: 'Error - Page not found')

We could do something like (syntax open to discussion):

class NotFoundPage
  include PageObject

  h1(:title, text: messages[:en]['mobile-frontend-generic-404-title'])

And grab the i18n message from the actual json files.

With Zeljko we made a small proof of concept to show it working and serve as inspiration/test :

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@Vikassy and I paired on this today. @Vikassy, please push the patch to gerrit.

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Change 225288 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dduvall):
WIP: [BrowserTest] Load i18n messages from MediaWiki to browser tests

@Vikassy: Is there a reason this is still WIP? Didn't we finish this during wikimania?

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@Qgil: the related commit is ready to be merged. It is waiting for review.

Change 225288 merged by jenkins-bot:
[BrowserTest] Load i18n messages from MediaWiki to browser tests

@zeljkofilipin Awesome! You should post to wikitech-l or wikimedia-engineering when this is completely available to increase awareness and maybe have teams switch from css selectors to using this for finding the elements where it makes sense. 👍