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Revert change of default landing page for projects
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IOW: Please have it go back to the descriptive page, not the workboard.

My complaint in IRC yesterday:

17:29 <    greg-g> I really really really dislike the use of the workboard as the landing page for 
17:29 <    greg-g> absolutely really dislike
17:30 <     robla> agreed
17:30 <    greg-g> 1) not useful to figure out "what" a project is (and the icons on the left aren't 
17:30 <    greg-g> 2) it loads "all" tasks, not just open ones, by default
[snip bugmail spam]
17:56 <  spagewmf> greg-g yes, that confused me. And on the proper project page it took me a while to 
                   find the Workboard icon on the left, the link to Workboard is gone from the stack on 
                   the right.  Unless the workboard is a sprint.
18:44 <   chasemp> I'm not in love with it either

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