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Create Wikipedia Lite app.
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Create an app that is specifically tuned for low-end devices.
Key features for the app:

  • Eliminate the use of WebView(s), and display content only in native components.
  • Minimize the use of heavy animations and transitions.
  • Minimize network usage.
  • Minimize APK size (remove unnecessary icons/graphics, as well as unnecessary libraries).

Please see the mobile apps page for the hackathon for more details in general.

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nb: I'm specifying this as my Hackathon task.

Curious about the intersection between "low-end devices" and "iOS"...

Using Parsoid-format output (see and which uses it, as does Kiwix, the OCG backend, Visual Editor, etc) might be helpful. That takes care of all the hard work on wikitext parsing. (The public API is at .) You could then use a lynx-style "minimal HTML renderer" to extract just the article text, suppressing infoboxes, navigation boxes, and other heavyweight content and styling.

Curious about the intersection between "low-end devices" and "iOS"...

Low-end devices applies more to Android than it does to iOS, but there are indeed lots of older iOS devices running in the wild, too.

I added the iOS tag in hopes of mirroring this effort on iOS at the hackathon. It's nicely approachable task, and I think it could even cater to users interested in having nightmode reading (with simplified app assumptions, it's easy to do nightmode - or even to make it a standard feature to help differentiate the app).

It has been advised that Wikipedia Lite not be worked on for iOS. I'll remove the tag. For the hackathon, I'm planning to do Wikipedia Radio instead, and I'll create a Phabricator task for that.

It has been advised that Wikipedia Lite not be worked on for iOS. I'll remove the tag. For the hackathon, I'm planning to do Wikipedia Radio instead, and I'll create a Phabricator task for that.

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What is the status of this project and what needs to be done to complete it? This task has no priority, no assigned, and no trace of what was accomplished during the Wikimedia Hackathon.

The Lite app is currently a branch in my personal fork of the Wikipedia Android app:

We'll migrate it into our Gerrit structure as soon as time permits.
Further work on the Lite app will be on hold until at least Q2, while we focus on developing the backend content service that the app will eventually consume.

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