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support OR between intitle: operators
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Support queries like "incategory:Felis_silvestris_catus (intitle:Birds OR intitle:Dogs)" (Anything in the cat category that has either Birds or Dogs in the title)

Or more generally things like intitle:ogv OR intitle:ogg OR intitle:webm to do a pseudo search of only videos

(From merged task, also causes log-errors of the "Search backend error during full_text search" type)

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I started on a project to move query parsing over to the Java/Elasticsearch side with an ANTLR grammar which supports this sort of thing. PHP parser generators weren't doing it for me and I figured it'd be a more useful in general if it was embedded in Elasticsearch. And having access to the analyzers during query parsing doesn't hurt either. Anyway, I've added this as blocked by the tracking bug around that.

Its not high on product's list of initiatives and its a pretty big task but we'll see. Power users asking for things certainly influences product priorities.

Thanks, @Manybubbles, for your comment! I’d be interested to see what you’ve done so far. As far as I understand, moving the query parsing to the Elasticsearch side would involve rewriting the code in the searchText and search methods of the Searcher class as an Elasticsearch plugin in Java/Groovy. That sounds indeed like very big task.

I’d like to propose an alternative path that could be taken in several steps, each one benefiting the existing code base:

  1. Write unit tests for the searchText and search methods.
  2. Refactor the methods, breaking them down into smaller methods or putting them into separate classes.
  3. Write a basic “boolean query analyzer” that partitions the query into parts where “OR” and scoping brackets occur (ignoring quoted brackets and ORs). The analyzer creates a bool query for each part. It basically does the replacements/modifications that searchText does for each query part.
  4. Refactor with a PHP-based parser building library into a real query parser. Alternatively, use the existing PHP classes and tests to build the Elasticsearch plugin.
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Given that the task that blocks this is declined, should this be declined as well, or is there some other way of handling this?

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