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Not possible to drag cards to columns outside of viewport
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In Trello, when you drag a card towards the far end of the window, it automatically starts scrolling the window sideways so that you can drag cards to columns outside of the viewscreen, but Phabricator doesn't do this. If you have a multitouch gesture interface (like on a MacBook) it is actually possible to drag and scroll simultaneously by doing some 3-finger kung-fu, but this is impossible on the Chromebox we use for our stand-up meetings (which uses a mouse), so we end up having to zoom out several times in order to move cards around which is a pain.

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I think this is a dupe. But @Qgil would probably know of what by heart :)

Qgil: Sorry, I searched for this bug under the wrong product. I searched under 'Phabricator' which didn't show anything. Why are all of these bugs filed under ''? is a website, right?

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The project description says:

Project to identify tasks that require bugfixes or new features in Phabricator upstream...

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Qgil: Could we change the name of 'Phabricator' to 'WMF Phabricator' and the name of '' to 'Phabricator'? That seems like it would be less confusing. Just an idea :)

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