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Create a system to store and query links to books
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It would be really nice if we can have a table that stores book links (ISBN \d{10,13}) and make it query-able for people.

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That is pretty much what the Wikidata query service will provide.

I think I wrote the description so short that this misunderstanding happened:
1- Go to an article with an ISBN link on it (hereafter book link). e.g.
2- If you check you will see that "ISBN 0-452-28424-4" automagically converted to a link to
3- I want a thing that can store book links (and normalize it like converting ISBN 10s to ISBN 13s) in a table like external links table and make an special page similar to LinkSearch (

So it is a part of mediawiki core.

Yes, but storing it in a database allows more flexible tasks like normalizing ISBN.

I would like to choose this as a possible project for my Outreachy application.I recognize that I am reaching the deadline for doing so.The only aspect left is to add a new Phabricator task.I have 8 years of experience as an assistant librarian and am familiar with ISBN.I am transitioning from Library work into Computer Programming,starting new classes in Fall 2015.Mentorship would be greatly appreciated.

@CeruleanDreamer, this is likely not something that wmf would support as an outreachy project as we already have different projects working towards this goal, as @Lydia_Pintscher mentioned. However, if you're interested in this sort of thing, the citoid project overall seems like it might interest you: ( As well as the wikidata project in general (

I can think of a few similar projects to this one that might be suitable for outreachy, but the deadline has already passed (March 24). There are some organizations that have extended that deadline but WMF is not one of those, see:

@Qgil, is it fair to say we can no longer accept applications for this outreachy round?

Thank you for responding.I will check into the links that you have shared.

@CeruleanDreamer, could you email me at regarding Outreachy? We may have some opportunity to adjust you in.

It is time to promote Wikimedia-Hackathon-2015 activities in the program (training sessions and meetings) and main wiki page (hacking projects and other ongoing activities). Follow the instructions, please. If you have questions, about this message, ask here.

Did someone work on this project during Wikimedia-Hackathon-2015? If so, please update the task with the results. If not, please remove the label.

This is a message posted to all tasks under "Need Discussion" at Possible-Tech-Projects. Outreachy-Round-11 is around the corner. If you want to propose this task as a featured project idea, we need a clear plan with community support, and two mentors willing to support it.

This is a message sent to all Possible-Tech-Projects. The new round of Wikimedia Individual Engagement Grants is open until 29 Sep. For the first time, technical projects are within scope, thanks to the feedback received at Wikimania 2015, before, and after (T105414). If someone is interested in obtaining funds to push this task, this might be a good way.

FYI, this is similar to an idea lab for IEG (written mostly by me) here if anyone is interested in this one. I don't really have time to do it (and eligibility would be a bit questionable as I'm a WMF contractor now), so if someone wants to take that idea and apply with it feel free! It has fair bit of community support... just no developers :).

Hi. I'd love to work on this as a project as an Outreachy intern, this is so exciting! I love structured data and have been using Dbpedia and Sparql for the last 6 months. I suggest as a first microtask, I can use the wikidata api to search if the cited source exists already in Wikidata. Would any of the subscribers be interested in mentoring this for me?

@Minervaxox I'd be willing to mentor on this one. Keep in mind that the IEG/IdeaLab grants are *much* larger in scope than what we'd do for outreachy- I'd suggest taking the bit about inserting books/references into wikidata programmatically as the core of an outreachy project. That alone could definitely could keep someone occupied for 3 months (or longer!). Microtask sounds fine.

For another mentor (provided no one else here responds) looking for someone with wikidata expertise would be ideal as I have no experience there. There's a wikidata mailing list-

I would suggest fleshing out your proposal first though before looking for mentors besides those cc-ed here, so potential mentors have a better idea of what you want to do.

Also, various links that might be informative:

IMPORTANT: This is a message posted to all tasks under "Need Discussion" at Possible-Tech-Projects. Wikimedia has been accepted as a mentor organization for GSoC '16. If you want to propose this task as a featured project idea, we need a clear plan with community support, and two mentors willing to support it.

This task is assigned to @Ladsgroup so I wonder whether it is a Possible-Tech-Projects candidate at all.

Hey, I had plans to work on this, but not right now. I already have a lot in my plate. And I'm not sure what would be the best approach. Some people say it's better to have it as a part of Wikidata [1]. Someone suggested we build another table and store ISBNs (like external links) and in that case, an extension would be better or integrated with the core? I think maybe ArcCom is the best body of developers to determine this. And then we can move on to implementing.

[1]: I think it's not a good idea. If we use a book in references in Wikipedia, there is no way to put it in wikidata.

Thank you for your explanation, which shows that is indeed not a good candidate for Possible-Tech-Projects right now.

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