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Reusable user-input validation (possibly with existing external validation libraries)
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Consolidate the wide variety of user content validation (spam filtering, etc) to allow the same constraints on user input to be applied by extensions. This could be done utilizing a validation library like Symfony\Validator, but there are likely other candidate libraries. The main goal is to take all of the varied validation from core and make it directly re-usable in extensions to receive the same guarantee's against accepting unwanted content.

Taken from 2014-15 Q2 priorities planning worksheet

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Flow has collected most of the spam prevention techniques (that we know of) in mediawiki into . This is basically a simple interface with a validate() method and an implementation for each one. They are currently a bit Flow specific but could likely be generalized into something that could be provided by each type of spam preventions implementation.

At a higher level though i would like to tie this into a full fledged validation system, rather than just this one-off validation of spamminess. It seems the best bay forward would be to review and summarize commonly used php validation libraries and propose an RFC?