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Deploy statsd plugin for production elasticsearch & logstash
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Like T711, we should deploy statsd plugin in production as well. It'll allow us to stop having to send this data to ganglia via the script we have now and will reduce the delta between prod and labs.

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Note that statsd plugin for elasticsearch was undeployed from beta cluster some time ago (not sure why).

FWIW feel free to add me on code reviews when deploying/adding the statsd plugin, mostly to assess how many metrics are going to be pushed

What statsd plugin is this? I do know diamond has a native elasticsearch poller as well.

This is which is a forked from Automattic (which is forked from somewhere else). Its not the most maintained piece of software, we would basically be taking over. If there are better options i'm all ears.

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I think we are fairly happy T111573 for now (and that can be extended)