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General authentication improvements for MediaWiki
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There are a number of authentication related projects that have been requested by various teams and users to improve the process of logging into MediaWiki wikis both by direct user interaction (form auth) and from external interfaces (OAuth, API).

These various projects taken individually are difficult to promote as a major focus, cross team project, but when bundled together provide a more compelling story about a focus on improving the authentication experience for a wide variety users and removing roadblocks for other projects.

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The work in progress for T89459: Modernize MediaWiki authentication system (AuthManager) should make all of these tasks easier to achieve.

Another possible sub-project would be T76103: Createaccount API should support username validation without having to try to create an account which requires some work on the account creation flow. This isn't strictly authentication related but it does fall under a slightly wider theme of making use of MediaWiki by authenticated users easier by removing a small hurdle in new account creation for wikis where multiple account name filtering systems are in use.

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