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Renaming Phabricator project breaks links (doesn't create redirects)
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According to T43#15315, renaming a Phabricator project breaks links because Phabricator doesn't create redirects. Phabricator should probably support graceful renames (leaving behind a redirect and not breaking links), similar to how MediaWiki behaves.

Even adding alternative hashtags doesn't solve this issue, as, for example, does not redirect to

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psst, the subscribed page allows changing priority too

The solution we are applying currently is to add the former project name as
additional hash tag manually when renaming a project. See

Explicitly upstreamed as . Can we add the Wikimedia umbrella to this? There doesn't seem to be a workaround, and this breaks the rename workflow.

The vs is interesting. It does work in the case of say vs

So there are two issues I think. One is "making a project name create an automatic alternative hashtag by default", and the other is "some alternative hashtags do not redirect as intended".

Just wanted to clarify that, both issues seem credible and @Qgil I would imagine will be ok with adding the #wikimedia tag to upstream T7092. Thanks @valhallasw

Yes, there are at least two separate issues here, hence my separate report. But looks like upstream wants to handle together anyway.

The PHID is static, yes