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Clone button for CN campaigns
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The way we set up Fundraising campaigns now would make this a useful time saver.

Basically it should just copy all the settings for the current campaign over to another campaign with a new name.

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Bumping this, it would save us even more time now there are so many mixin settings that we use in Fundraising campaigns.

@DStrine This is the task I mentioned yesterday. Any chance someone could take a look at it? Seems like it ought to be fairly easy, and would have saved us a couple of hours manual work today

Thanks for the note!

I have moved this back into our analysis column. I'll try to get an estimate. I can't determine priority until then.

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The cloned campaign should also have all the same banners already added, correct? (This isn't technically necessary, but would be required to copy Banner Sequence settings properly.)

Sure @AndyRussG, I think it'd be fine to copy added banners along w/ the campaign settings. Awesome to see discussion around this, it'd be a big time saver for us!

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