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Streamline the way pages are tagged for speedy deletion
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Hi. I'd like to streamline the way pages are tagged for speedy deletion. The idea is that when tagging a page for deletion, you are not making an edit to the page. UI-wise, it would be more like adding or removing the page from your watchlist, except that other people could undo this action.

The goal here is not to make the tagging irreversible, or less transparent. The goal is to make things easier for SWMT and the like, who would no longer need to rely on homemade javascript to tag pages. The idea is also to provide an opt-in to get an Echo notification when a page has been tagged for deletion (perhaps this could be opt-out for users who can delete pages, or on small wikis. I understand it would be unreasonable for beasts like English Wikipedia). On countless wikis, the category that the template adds doesn't exist, and on ast.wiktionary, pnb.wiktionary, ps.wiktionary, pt.wiktionary, vec.wiktionary, ca.wikimedia, se.wikimedia and wikimania2015 the Template:Delete doesn't exist at all. (Granted, that last part could be solved right now, but I'm trying to come up with something future-proof for when new wikis are created.)

As a little bonus, this feature would also make tagging CSS and JS pages for deletion less ambiguous. On these pages, the deletion template has to be placed within CSS or JS comments to not destroy the syntax, and regardless of whether the template is placed inside comments, the template will not be visible. Furthermore, the category connected to the template is only visible when previewing the page, not when viewing the page normally. All of this causes unnecessary confusion.

Now, I understand that English Wikipedia has different templates for the different deletion criteria and therefore might not want such a feature – which is perfectly fine – but the vast majority of wikis don't and would benefit from this.

I also understand that this feature request is pretty far down on your priority list. Thank you for reading.

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What clarification is needed here?

What clarification is needed here?

Which technical implementation makes the most sense.