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Create composer validate --no-check-publish job for MediaWiki extensions
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We want to use composer.json to specify development dependencies (T90943), however those extensions don't necessarily want to be published as composer packages.

I submitted which has been merged upstream to add a --no-check-publish which still ensures the file has valid syntax, but doesn't require it to be valid to be published as a composer package ('name' and 'description').

We should create a 'php-composer-validate-package' job which checks the composer.json file is valid to be published as a composer package for repos that do want that. All other extensions would use 'php-composer-validate', which uses the --no-check-publish option.

We'll have to also update our composer to something that has my patch (or backport it?).

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Change 194364 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm):
Update to dev-master#05e196893b1225898de280ef8f97d5f2be684e8f

Change 194364 merged by Legoktm:
Update to dev-master#05e196893b1225898de280ef8f97d5f2be684e8f

Change 194421 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm):
Use --no-check-publish in php-composer-validate, create php-composer-validate-package

Change 194421 merged by jenkins-bot:
Use --no-check-publish in php-composer-validate, create php-composer-package-validate

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