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Pass MEDIAWIKI_CAPTCHA_BYPASS_PASSWORD in on Jenkins so GettingStarted browser tests pass
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Now that we're testing GettingStarted tests with an actual registration, Jenkins needs to pass in the password so the CAPTCHA can be bypassed. The support for doing this (given the password) was recently merged into GettingStarted: .

Until this is done, the tests will fail.

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I forgot to mention. The password is stored as wmgCaptchaPassword in /srv/mediawiki/wmf-config/PrivateSettings.php on deployment-bastion.

After this work has been done – and the GettingStarted browser tests are passing consistently! – we should document this approach somewhere so that other teams start to use it as well.

The secret password has to be added to the Jenkins credentials store. Direct link and:

Kind: Secret text
Scope: Global
Secret: <whatever the password is>
Description: a meaningful description that will show up on

Click [advanced] which would reveal the ID field which is how we refer to the password in JJB (via credential-id).

Then in JJB, adjust the default to bind to the newly available credential. The actual one is , you will probably want to use the JJB test type (see upstream doc).

Change 194749 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mattflaschen):
Pass MEDIAWIKI_CAPTCHA_BYPASS_PASSWORD to GettingStarted browser test

Mattflaschen-WMF raised the priority of this task from High to Unbreak Now!.Mar 27 2015, 6:12 PM

Yes, I've been trying to get this reviewed for weeks now.

The necessary credential has been [[ added to the Credential store | ]] with id mediawiki_captcha_password.

@Mattflaschen proposed the related JJB config change . I haven't seen it until now. Reviewing right now, will refresh the job configuration, run it and see what happens.

I have tweaked the patch to pass the variable to all browser test jobs.

I have refreshed and retriggered the job and it PASS!

So it is fixed, but now pending review/approval of the JJB change.

Change 194749 merged by jenkins-bot:
Pass MEDIAWIKI_CAPTCHA_BYPASS_PASSWORD to GettingStarted browser test

I forgot to +2 the patch but confirmed it fixed the build.

Can't test again right now because the CI slaves can no more reach since the DNS yield the public IPs instead of the instances private ones.

The DNS failure (T95273) has been fixed. The last run of the job at is showing a single failure :-)

It seems the captcha is properly passed.

The DNS failure (T95273) has been fixed. The last run of the job at is showing a single failure :-)

I fixed this by running populate_categories (in the GettingStarted repository). Thanks to everyone for their help with this.