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Add "Time in UTC" message to pages with revision histories
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Revision history and other similar pages should state clearly at the top that all times are in UTC (unless the page is rendered for a user with the custom timezone settings).

TBD: There is already a message there that is being shown to everyone. Should we have an alternative text, or show them one after another?

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The time is always the local timezone or in time offset of the wiki. Just for english projects this is UTC.

Yurik added a comment.EditedMar 2 2015, 7:47 PM

@Umherirrender - ru wiki shows everything UTC, and I suspect all other WMF wikis too (check the recent changes page in anonymous mode). Apparently this has already caused two highly charged media incidents, one in Russia and one in Tunisia (both related to the political assassinations).

de wiki has a local timezone and shows CEST/CET:

See wgLocaltimezone in InitialiseSettings.php for all the other wikis which has a time zone.

Maybe this is only set for wikis which does not spanned over multi time zone like english wikipedia or the ru wikipedia, because there is no usable time zone for all users.

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Does anybody actually plan to work on this? If not this task might not be high priority...

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