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Add configuration variable to drive conversion
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The conversion and processing should be driven by configuration rather than hard coded.

Look at the methods used in the CSS Extension to develop similar approach for "recipe" articles if that is possible since We'll need more like YAML, JSON, or PHP arrays than simple CSS

[DONE] Furthermore, a "dry-run" option needs to be exposed in the UI so that a user can see how content will be converted.

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The dry-run option has been added in commit 498800c

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The dry-run option has been added in commit 498800c

@freephile: What exactly is left to do in this task? Or can this task be closed as resolved?

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This issue is declined because it represents a lot of work, and would make a great feature for Html2Wiki v.2

The intended goal of this issue was to provide a way for the user to specify some sort of syntax (maybe XPath, but most likely the QueryPath syntax) that would identify the important elements in the source; as well as the irrelevant elements in the source document(s) so that Html2Wiki would have a better ability to handle source content exactly as the user intends. Currently Html2Wiki makes assumptions and tries to do the right thing, but it's hard-coded. Probably need a callback and hook to insert functions during processing.

Example use cases:

  1. instruct Html2Wiki to find mouseover code, and output title attributes.
  2. instruct Html2Wiki to find <elem class="italics">foo</elem> and output ''foo''