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Search bar suggestions not working on Windows Phone 8.1
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My problem occurs when I surt the mobile web version of Wikipedia and Wiktionary, on my Nokia Lumia 630 with Windows Phone 8.1. When I type something in the search bar of either of these websites, a list of suggested articles containing my keywords appears. However, when I tap any of these suggestions, instead of jumping to that article, my browser will simply display the page where I was when I started searching. In other words, it simply closes the suggestion list without further action. A slightly different effect I get when I use the Maxthon browser - tapping a suggestion does nothing at all.

Therefore, I cannot enjoy the full Wikipedia experience when searching. I am always forced to type in my keywords in full and then tap Enter. No way to make use of the suggestion list.

I works perfectly fine on my computer and on my iPad.

Is there a way this issue could be solved on your side or is it really a matter of browser that Microsoft should fix?

Thank you.


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@AdiPetrescu, thanks for reporting this. Could you please tell us what browser besides Maxthon you're using? Also, information about the browser version would be useful too. Thanks.

Thank you for your quick reaction and sorry for not specifying this important information in the first place... On my Nokia, I use the default Windows Phone browser, which is Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, I don't know the exact browser version, but I can tell you that the operating system version is 8.10.14234.375. For comparison purposes, I have also tried Wikipedia in the following browsers for Windows Phone: Nokia Xpress, UC Browser, Maxthon, Surfy and Opera Mini. The symptom is the same in all browsers, except Maxthon (where I get various funny reactions, including a 404 error) and Opera Mini (which displays the lite version of the website, with limited functionality, in order to reduce data usage).

An interesting fact that I have just discovered is that, when I accesss the mobile version of Wikipedia on my laptop, using Internet Explorer 11, I get the exact same behaviour as on my phone. However, if I try it in Chrome, it works fine.

Hope this helps. If you need more details, don't hesitate to ask me!

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