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[Epic] overhaul fundraising cluster monitoring
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fundraising hosts use nsca + icinga, and ganglia for monitoring and reporting
nsca seems to be poorly maintained, currently broken for Trusty hosts
as an org we're talking about moving away from ganglia
this task is to fix and update monitoring to be reliable and better supported going forward

random notes:

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Did anyone work on this task during Wikimedia-Hackathon-2015? If so, please post an update with the results. Otherwise remove the label.

Looked into why ganglia has stopped reporting for most of the fundraising cluster, determined pfw config is likely blocking multicast, opened T100150.

Spent some time researching monitoring options and spoke to Filippo about his research toward a strategy for production, and specifically re. promethius which sounds promising.

Looked at possibilities for pulling data from ganglia aggregators into promethius. Ganglia's aggregator listens on a tcp socket and responds with an XML report of metric data for all hosts in the aggregated cluster, studied that report format, wrote a simple python XML parser, thinking toward reformatting that data to a format promethius can use.

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@Jgreen, are you planning to work on this task at Wikimania?

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No, unfortunately I won't be attending this year.

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