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Clarify AccountAudit's license
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The AccountAudit repository contains the GNU GPLv2 as the "COPYING" file, but no license is actually specified in the code.
The extension credits array should get a "license-name" key added, probably with the value "GPL-2.0+", with the agreement of each original author. would also have to be updated.

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Given that it was written by a WMF employee for work purposes, I think it's safe to assume that it is GPL-2.0+.

@Reedy added COPYING with
Peter Gehres, the original author of the extension, does not appear to work for the Foundation anymore:

Wondering if @Pgehres still reads their Phab notifications and could clarify. Also,
/scripts/ Released under GPL v2 / MIT License

It should be whatever the default license is for WMF employees who were writing code as part of their job back in 2013. :-)

Change 347478 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/AccountAudit@master] Clarify that the licence is indeed GPL-2.0