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Chunk-based serializer should look at sibling context
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Forked from T87708

There seemed to be some issue with selser on a <li> in the middle of an <ol>. The top level <ol> was modified, and new content added at the top. But the final <li> should bypass the chunk-based selser if the immediately preceding <li> was unmodified. Currently, because the <ol> was modified, all child <li> nodes had edge-sensitive chunk escaping applied.

Subbu's test case:

subbu@earth lib] cat /tmp/
git checkout 2fdf9298e0f3bb9540487f53d87322d53c5bb539
echo "REPLACE_THIS\n:<article>\n:b" > /tmp/wt
node parse --fetchConfig false < /tmp/wt > /tmp/old.html
cat /tmp/old.html | sed 's/REPLACE_THIS/x/g;' > /tmp/new.html
node parse --fetchConfig false --selser --html2wt --oldtextfile /tmp/wt --oldhtmlfile /tmp/old.html < /tmp/new.html
git checkout ffc06da76315b3ed22edb8dbb31a6366d68abdb2
node parse --fetchConfig false --selser --html2wt --oldtextfile /tmp/wt --oldhtmlfile /tmp/old.html < /tmp/new.html
[subbu@earth lib] sh /tmp/
Previous HEAD position was ffc06da... Amend timing metrics
HEAD is now at 2fdf929... Merge "Read default wiki list from a cached sitematrix"

Previous HEAD position was 2fdf929... Merge "Read default wiki list from a cached sitematrix"
HEAD is now at ffc06da... Amend timing metrics

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