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Cleanup duplicate bibleversefinder tools
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Atethnekos's tool has been offline and the sole maintainer hasn't been active on any project in months according to and I'm opening this ticket as a starting point to be able to be added as a maintainer to the tool to get it running again per multiple requests by multiple users in multiple forums on enwp. The RfC for the process to deal with abandoned tools ( ) seems to have gone stale and as such I'm doing the best I can based on my suggestion in that discussion to get the ball rolling on this. Thank you.

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I've started it back up and put it on bigbrotherrc so it should stay up. Can you test to see if it works?

<Technical_13>  YuviPanda: looks good.

Given that it seems ok, are there any complaints other than 'it is down!' that are being expressed by people?

(I also moved it to trusty along the way...)

No other complaints other than "it's down" that I'm aware of. I'd still like to be added as a maintainer if even it means that I must wait for a conclusion to that RfC so that I can restart it in the future (like when there is labs maint or an outage). I have no immediate plans for any specific changes to the tool at this time, but I haven't really looked into the code yet either.

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:) ok!

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I've repurposed this task and overhauled the description. Hope that's ok.
@Jfhutson please find a second maintainer for the tool now, following best practices :-)
Please also advise on if you have a preference for which tool to continue with - IIUC the original bibleversefinder URL is no-longer linked to from anywhere reader-facing (articles/templates), and could most easily be redirected to bibleversefinder2.

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