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Fix link i18n messages
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Some of the link messages don't properly support gender (although they claim to), others aren't used at all.

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Also, for thank, it's not clear if it's supposed to be thanker or thankee.

@Mattflaschen-WMF most messages in the link have gender along with arguments for it such as $1, b$2 etc, can you specify in what way don't they support gender? let's take an example of following

"notification-header-edit-thank": "$1 {{GENDER:$2|thanked}} {{GENDER:$4|you}} for your edit on <strong>$3</strong>.",

whenever a user thank other you get a message that user1 ( taking user1 for an example) thanked you for your edit on some article but it doesn't require if user1 is thanker or thankee as it's not being specified in the notification sent right?

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