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References tag issues on wikipedia? (Multiple copies of one or more ref's??)
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Author: mgmirkin

I'm not quite sure exactly what is going on here.

The basic gist of it.

I used inline reference tags

ref & /ref

plus the references/ tag. I put two referenec links in there:

Glossary: Stepped Leader)
( NOAA: What is Lightning?)

used the square brackets like I'm supposed to [ ]

Initially it worked okay, but then I thought it might look better with a comma
separating the references. That seems to have been when things got weird? Rather
than showing a one-line reference with 2 links on it, it showed two refernce
lines with two references on each line, and they were exact duplicates. So, I
took out the comma, but it still was duplicating the reference(s) on two lines.
So, I'm wondering what the problem was? OR did I misuse syntax somehow. I'm
almost wondering if maybe it didn't like the colons in the titles of the
references inside the square brackets or something? But why would that cause the
references to be displayed multiple times? Fially I had to ust putt the
references and add the references to Reference section manually rather than with
the ref & /ref tags.

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mgmirkin wrote:

Might have added the titles for the references at the same time as the commas?
So, I'm wondering if maybe it was the colons in the titles in the reference link
brackets that was the problem? But why would that cause duplicate entries??

ayg wrote:

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