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Display bug for character formatting: characters are bolded until you press enter at the end of a line
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  1. Open a page in VisualEditor. This was reported as reproducible in Chrome 40 on Windows 7 and cannot be reproduced in either Safari 8 or Firefox 35 on Mac OX 10.10.
  1. Type a a Ctrl-B b b Ctrl-B c c to produce this: aabbcc
  1. Copy this string and paste it on a new line
  1. Go to the start of the line and press the Del key twice to remove the two "a" characters.
  1. Press right arrow, then left arrow to move the cursor between the two "b"s and then back to the front.
  1. Now type a character: e.g. "x". It will be in bold: xbbaa
  1. Go the end of the line and hit Enter. The "x" will unbold: xbbaa

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Step 3 (copying) is not necessary for reproducing the bug.
Step 5 - move the cursor back ad forth along the entered string - no specific movements.
Steps 6 and 7 should refer to xbbcc and xbbcc strings respectively (?)

Reproducible on

  • Chrome 40 Windows8
  • Chrome 40 and Safari7 on Mac(for forward Delete in step 4 use fn+delete)
  • Firefox 35 on Mac
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