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Create 'Non-Wikimedia Conferences' project as catch-all for tasks for third-party conferences
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I filed T91704 for myself to prep for a conference that I'm planning to attend. It's not a Wikimedia-run conference so we don't have a project on Phab for it, but it seems like these sorts of things ought to be findable/collectable somehow for reference.

Would it make sense to create a 'Non-Wikimedia Conferences' project that presentations and other planning for conferences can be done on without making one-off projects for every one?

Or if that doesn't make sense, where should I categorize this sort of task? Thanks! :)

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I like the intention but this will only be useful if people are *aware* of this project in Phab.
We can create lots of projects in Phab, but creating awareness of those projects so people actually associate them to tasks, or triaging/classifying these tasks if people are not aware of the project and don't associate their task to such a project, creates costs.

Somehow related: T555: Per-user projects for personal work in progress tracking ("this is my personal task").

If we created this, could you provide a description for this project, and when a task should be associated to the project and what a task shall include (e.g. must have an assignee, link to conference website, proposed talk, or such)?

I made a list of "Community [management / leadership / usergroup / volunteer]" conferences at

There's also a plan to overhaul/update being prioritized at currently.

Just FYI :)

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No feedback to T91709#1095167 and I'd rather prefer to fix T555 instead, as I don't see much value in fixing the usecase "I need to accomplish finding all tasks in WM Phab which are related to non-WM conferences" (if you see a different or better usecase, please share it here and reopen).