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Unable to distinguish unread Phabricator notifications from the read ones
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The last few times the blue icon on Phabricator appeared, I was not able to identify which of the notifications is new, and which ones I've already read.

Am I missing something, or both are styled the same way? Can this be improved?

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According to the screenshot, all those notifications have bee read. The ones missing are older, and can be accessed by clicking "Notifications".

I think this is an Invalid task.

@Nemo_bis: I'll need to wait for a new notification to test that (I think if you ping me I'll get one).

It's also possible that the counter was at 1 for a notification which has then been deleted, perhaps? We had the mistaken closures during diffusion import.

This also happens to me when I get notifications that don't trigger email (which don't get auto-marked as read), after some time when the notifications are filled with others that do trigger emails and then get marked as read. And those appear indeed in

I have 242 unread notifications, many of which are impossible to mark as read for multiple other bugs, so I can't help test...

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The newest version of phab seems to show unread in a darker shade of blue, please reopen if this is still an issue.

@Jaredzimmerman-WMF: When was the new version installed? Could you ping me so that I can test?

The background color of the notification has never been a problem, I think.

The problem is that the list of notifications show both read and unread, and it only displays a reduced number of them. If it happens that you don't visit some of the tasks that have notifications for a while and you keep getting notifications, the unread notifications can get past the limit of the displayed notifications, so you don't see them in the list, unless you go to the notification page.

Weird... the previous comment didn't cause a notification for me.

This is how I'm seeing read (white) vs unread (blue) in the flyout, is this what you're seeing as well?

So, I got another notification and it was highlighted with blue background as expected. It was also visible at