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Mobile search in Firefox repeats first letters
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On a Firefox Mobile, every time I enter a search term in the top search box in a mobile version of a Wikimedia site (e.g. fr.wikipedia), some letters are repeated. More precisely it appears like this, if I try to enter "Abcde":

  • A
  • AAb
  • AAbc
  • AAbcAbcd
  • AAbcAbcde

And then the letters are entered correctly. It behaves identically if I try to add letters to an existing search term.
This doesn't happen in Chrome or the default browser on the same device.

Firefox 36
Android 4.4.2
Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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@Darkdadaah, thanks for reporting this. Can you share a screenshot too? If I understood you correctly, the texts you provided appear in the searchbox, right?

Here is a screenshot, after I typed "Abcde" in the searchbox at the top of the page:

This error happens consistently, but it would be good to know if other users of Firefox on Android have the same problem.

@Darkdadaah, thanks, I'm partially able to reproduce this on Firefox 36.0.1 on Android 5.0.2. I can briefly see what you have in your screenshot, but it goes away after a split second.

I can reproduce this in Firefox Beta 36.0 for Android.

@bmansurov is there anything we can do for this, or does it belong in "tracking"?

@JKatzWMF, I think at this stage it may belong to 'tracking', unless we decide to work around the browser bug.

I can't reproduce this bug anymore on both Firefox 37.0.2 and 38.0 beta. It was still buggy with 37.0.1 and 38.0 (not sure if the beta was exactly the same).

Anyway, it may be fixed now. @phuedx and @bmansurov can you check?

I confirm that the bug is not re-producable on Firefox 37.0.2 on Android Lollipop.

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Fixed upstream in latest Firefox release. Thanks guys for reporting/investigating/confirming fix!