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Add image attribution info to the image metadata of Share a Fact images
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It may be worthwhile to add proper image attribution to the image metadata of Share a Fact images. We lose nothing in terms of presentation by doing so, and it may be useful information for third parties.

I imagine the licence and the author of the image would be pretty good, as well as a URL to the file page of the image. The CommonsMetadata API should be able to provide us with this information.

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This might be tricky on iOS for technical reasons. It might be easier on Android.

There has been some related discussion on T71941.

MGChecker reopened this task as Open.EditedJul 5 2015, 8:47 PM

I disagree that this is the duplicate of the other task. This task is about metadat, the other task about the data every user can view if he sees the picture.

I support this concept, but curious if this wouldn't make more sense being done on the backend so that all clients get an image with the right meta-data?

Sorry if there's a wrinkle I'm missing, just seems it would be better to do this right once, rather than multiple times locally.