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There is no easy way to file a Task from a Project page
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When I visit a Project page, I often do so because I want to phile a Task for that project. I wish there was a "Create Task" option that would let me start a task with the Project already tagged. Instead I have to start from the + icon in the top bar: + > Create New... > Task, and then I still have to manually add the project tag.

(By contrast, workboards have an option to add a task to a column which does prepopulate the Project field.)

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Considering that now workboards are the default landing page for projects, how often do you land in a project info page ready to file a new task versus a workboard page?

@Qgil I will generally visit the project page when creating a (for me) first task against a project, because that's the page with enough detail — the description and the members — that lets me confirm that it is in fact the right project for the issue.

If it's a project I'm already familiar with, then the workboard might be a more likely starting point for a new task.

From a newcomer usability perspective, I also think that the workboard path is not all that discoverable, and coming from Bugzilla, it's not the place I would expect to look for a 'create task' link. (I didn't realize it was there until yesterday, when ^d pointed it out to me on irc.)

Hmm. I'm worried about some users assuming this will set some sort of pre-defined policy....

I've even been slightly annoyed by the default of the work board whenever i click a label these days. If i'm going to a project, I expect information about a project, not it's backlog (I would have pressed 'backlog' in that case).

An alternative to putting a button on the project to create a ticket, might be to have the + create a task auto populate the project field with the project from which I navigated.

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it's now possible to add custom links to projects and they can link to custom forms, see customizing menus prefilling forms