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Consider moving various DB writes on page views to using local jobs
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dbperformance.log on fluorine shows lots of DB writes on page views. This could be faster in multi-DC setup (and avoid SPOFs in general) if they used the local 'enqueue' queue to get the jobs into the master DC for execution. The code would have to be put into a job class of course.

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Marking this as "draft" for now, needs to be fleshed out a bit before discussion.

The summary is pretty brief, but I (and the other archcom people) support the general idea. Theoretically this could be fleshed out by adding a list of writes involved and strategies for job-ifying them, but that doesn't change the fact that I think this is a good idea and should go ahead. You (@aaron) probably know what you're doing here better than anyone else anyway, so just go ahead and do it :)

(BTW why is this tagged Patch to Review? Is there a patch?)

The epic task keeps getting that tag, and "create subtask" inherits it unless one keeps remembering to uncheck it.

After numerous patches for T92357 I don't see anything blocking here anymore. I forgot to tag some patches though :/