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Upload form: Hide license input if and only if `wpDestFile` points to an existing file description page
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Only if the wpForReUpload parameter is set, the license input is hidden. This is IMHO also wrong behaviour of the upload form. It should hide the license input if the wpDestFile parameter is set to something for which a file description page exists. And only then. The wpForReUpload parameter is good for suppressing warnings but that should be all it does.

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For previous discussion, c.f. I3ca93566728

Change 195230 had a related patch set uploaded (by Rillke):
Upload form: Show or hide form controls dependent on existence of destination

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Make sure the interface makes sense if someone does not realize they are uploading to an existing file name. A clumsy solution would be showing "You are about to upload a new version of an existing file. License selection has been disabled." in place of the selector.

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