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Adding Archive_URL field should automatically add the Archive_date field
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When I add the field "Archive_URL" in order to add a link to the waybackmachine, it is required to also add an "Archive_date" entry, but currently I have to manually add both fields individually.
I would like it if adding one, auto-added the other.

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I'm not sure this is really a citoid thing; this is part of the general template editor in VE. There are autovalues now in VE ( but these can only add templates, not grok the date the archive is from. Probably the archive date is close to the current date when the archive url is added, so you could change the template data to autoadd the archive date url. But of course this would be added whether or not an archive url is being added, I believe.

Potentially the standard VE template editor could be extended by the Citoid extension, and do fancier things with the standard template editor than is currently done, by "knowing" what date an archive url is from, but that would require modifications to the citoid extension and a microservice/addition to the citoid service to handle such requests. @Jdforrester-WMF?

Also, adding archive urls automatically is on the board, which would supplant this feature anyway, see T89438

Declining because I'm not sure we'd ever do it this way; rather, we'd probably try add the archive link automatically and the date along with it.