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Special:UserLogin includes messages from inappropriate components on mobile
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Please use more direct correspondences with desktop.

For instance, when a wiki sets createaccount $wgGroupPermissions false,
createacct-benefit-heading will never be seen, as it only appears on
Special:UserLogin&type=signup when createaccount permission is true.

Instead on MobileFrontend it appears regardless, on Special:UserLogin

Also one cannot make

function JidanniLoginFormMessage(&$template){global $wgSitename; $template->set( 'header',
"(需帳號來編輯者,請聯絡<a href=\"/index.php?title=User:WikiSysop\"><strong>${wgSitename}</strong>管理員</a>,"
    . "告知欲立帳名,直接用中文姓名亦可。)");
    return true;}

appear on MobileFrontend's Special:UserLogin, despite trying


although it appears fine on desktop.

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