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only show features related to Zero if Zero is relevant in this context
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I'll begin by saying that I'm not sure that it's technically feasible.

But if it is technically feasible, it would be nice to show features related to Wikipedia Zero only when Wikipedia Zero is available and relevant in that particular carrier.

It's clear what "Zero" is to developers and to people who use devices in the relevant networks, but to everybody else it's just a weird option that they cannot understand.

(Mentioning the Design project because it may have some UX implications - for example, when the app detects that it moved to a network where Zero is available, it may show a message.)

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This sounds sensible. I wish we'd got it into the first release. :-)

However, now that it's out there and users are used to seeing these buttons, we must consider that if we suddenly remove these from the menu, some users may think we're stopping the Wikipedia Zero programme. Since cluttering up the menu isn't too troubling right now, I'm inclined to leave them there.