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Delete gadolinium:/a/log/fundraising/
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what the file is for:fundraising
what is the sensitive data:raw logs
is it being updated:no
recommendations:Making sure fundraising is no longer using them, and then deleting them.

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Hey @Jgreen could you confirm that we have this covered elsewhere?

the only thing at /a/log/fundraising is the nfs mount from the netapp, which is still in use for log collection. the banner log collection pipeline has to be fully migrated before we delete/umount this.

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@Jgreen these are a really naive questions: does it still need to be mounted here? can we unmount it?

I just sent Jeff an email about this. I'm pretty sure these can be deleted, because fundraising logs are collected and rotated on erbium right now. I will wait for him to confirm.

Ah, I forgot that we'd moved collection to erbium. It's ok to unmount the netapp and delete the dirs here.

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According to, gadolinium as well as erbium are now in a spare status. Unfortunately we haven't wiped these hosts yet and hence neither the umount has taken place, neither the deletion of the files. I 'll create tasks to wipe the 2 systems which will effectively do part of the above. That was the last blocker to fully remove the netapps from our infrastruture and reclaim the rack space they use.

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T123029 tracked the above. Now erbium, gadolinium are no longer active. The unmount has taken place and the netapp is getting ready for decomissioning. The data will get deleted in about a week or so (just a prudent waiting time).

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Resolving this now, actually deletion is tracked in T118535

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