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A way to see which portlets are due to MediaWiki:Sidebar
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I'm writing a JavaScript extension which allows each user to create
User:xyz/MediaWiki:Sidebar to override MediaWiki:Sidebar

On most wikis MediaWiki:Sidebar just defines one portlet named "navigation" but
the syntax allows any number of portlets with any name at all to be defined.
Because there are also any number of portlets before and after those generated
by MediaWiki:Sidebar and those are bound to vary from site to site and version
to version, my extension cannot know in all cases which subset of portlets to

Possible solution #1:
Wrap all <div class='portlet' id='p-navigation'>-style divs generated by
MediaWiki:Sidebar with something like <div class='sidebar'> or <div id='sidebar'>

Possible solution #2:
Use <div class='portlet sidebar'> for those portlets generated by MediaWiki:Sidebar

#1 is the most straightforward to use by my extension, #2 may seem neater to
some people.

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: enhancement



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