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This is a task to track @Slaporte's recent request to add support for This has recently begun being transferred into our control, so we need to add to our dns.

@Slaporte: Do we have any particular direction request for this that you are aware of? If not, I imagine we will simply have it point to

Note: Yana advised this needs to be private, so I chagned the visible/edit policies to operations, nda, and stephen.

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@RobH: I was told that the registration credentials were sent to Do you have everything you need to configure the domain?

Yes, I just need to add this to the end of one of the deployment days this week, since it requires an apache graceful across the cluster.

Can you transfer the domain to our regular registrar?

I've tried to get someone to review and added various folks, however no one seems to want to review.

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@Slaporte: I have no idea, I thought you guys handled the domain transfers. Did you want me to ask Doneva? (Since you initially asked us to add support, I assumed you had handled that side of things.)

Ah ok. I'm happy to do the domain transfer. Could you forward to me the registrar credentials that were emailed to Thanks!

I got reviews from @ori and @BBlack =] (thx guys!)

As such, I've added this to for the 2PM Pacific deployment slot.

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I looked at and I read through this task. I still don't really understand the virtue of having I understand the what here, but not the why.

@faidon very recently remarked that we should be seeking to reduce our number of domains. This task seems to work against us in that regard.

Legal transfers domains, and we add support. Ops mgmt and legal has to have a discussion if we are to stop adding these domains.

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I had locked this task down for domain troubleshooting, but then it turned out not to need it. If I removed you, sorry ;D

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DNS is now live for Redirection support adding @ 14:00 Pacific.

apache redirection support is now live.

So our cluster now supports and redirects it to

Resolving this request.

Dzahn subscribed.

reopening because we keep getting warning emails that it's about to expire

Robh has mailed Stephen 4 days ago and again today.

@Slaporte please advise

If this Domain Name is not renewed by 21 Sep 2015, the domain name will be DEACTIVATED

We are in the process of transferring the domain. I'll confirm or renew.

@Slaporte thanks! let's talk some time about which domains we should add to our own DNS or not. we can add domains as "parked" domains that don't get any traffic if that's desired in cases like this

Change 243103 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dzahn):
unlink from and park it

Change 243103 merged by Dzahn:
unlink from and park it

The domain has been parked in DNS and won't get traffic anymore.

The Apache redirect can be reverted.

Change 243338 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dzahn):
Revert "adding support to redirect to"

@RobH ^ i'd revert your addition to the Apache config from back in the days. feel like reviewing/rebasing?

Change 243338 abandoned by Dzahn:
Revert "adding support to redirect to"

rebase too much manual work, making a new patch instead of reverting this old one

Change 243354 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dzahn):
apache: remove redirect

Change 243354 merged by Dzahn:
apache: remove redirect

support removed, this closes the ticket cycle :)