{{DISPLAYTITLE}} not working
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Author: gmcfoley

The magic work {{DISPLAYTITLE}} is not working. I tried it out in the Sandbox
and got no effect, then I went back to the sandbox a few days later and it was
woring, then I made an edit to the sandbox and the title went back to

Works here: http://www.wikiknowledge.net/wiki/User:Gmcfoley?action=purge
Dosn't work here: http://www.wikiknowledge.net/wiki/User:Gmcfoley

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ayg wrote:

I'm pretty sure {{DISPLAYTITLE}} has never worked properly. I suppose nobody's
bothered removing it because it's an obscure option set to false by default.

ui2t5v002 wrote:

So if {{DISPLAYTITLE}} were made to work properly, we could get rid of the
horribly kludgy {{wrongtitle}} and friends?

({{lowercase}}, {{underscore}}, {{lowercase and underscore}}, {{longtitle}},
{{pipe in title}}, {{namespace}}, ...)

That would be a huge improvement.

See also:


robchur wrote:

Among other things, the magic word doesn't interface with the parser output in a correct
manner, nor was it coded to work with the parser cache.

robchur wrote:

Fixed back in r23393.

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