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Extend arrow wikilink in an edit summary to include section name
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Author: davidkernow

Apologies if this tweak already suggested; a brief bug search suggested not.
Currently only an arrow carries the link to a section mentioned via "/*
(sectionname) */" in an edit summary; I think extending that link to include the
section name would make it more apparent to newer users (and remind those more
initiated!) that the link is there.

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Severity: enhancement
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC
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This would conflict with the situation where the header itself contained a link.

This for example:

davidkernow wrote:

Understood; thanks for pointing out. I imagine this kind of occurrence is
relatively rare (I think one of Wikipedia's guidelines, for example, disuades
linking section headings) so I'd hope it could be made an exception in the
amended code. Regards, David.