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Project tags can not be found via the fulltext search index
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Steps to reproduce: Search for "wikidata arrayobject".

Expected behavior: I expected T92487 to be found. The word "arrayobject" is in a comment and can be found, but "wikidata" is a project tag and is not in the fulltext search index. Yes, I'm aware of the project tag filter on the search page, but this is not accessible from the top-right search box. Also in my use-case I don't care much where the word "wikidata" is mentioned. It should be found wherever it is, not only in the project tags.

Proposal: Please add the project tags to the fulltext search index.

See also: T86110: Interpret #alias in quicksearch box as "in project #alias"

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Three years later I'm still using Google to search Phabricator:

Note that adding support for #wikidata as described in T86110 is welcome, but would not actually solve the use case I'm describing here.

This should have been resolved by the elasticsearch upgrade. I'll look into this, that should definitely be found.