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Please make me a list of the people who have switched to wikitext source mode from VisualEditor the most often
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I want to get feedback from people who switch to source mode from VisualEditor.

Suggested criteria: The editors with the most number of saved edits with the "visualeditor-switched" tag. My goal is 20 to 200 names, at any wiki.


  • Please include the username and the home wiki/wiki where a user talk page message is most likely to be seen.
  • Please include the number of times each user switched.
  • Please exclude anyone who is on another list (e.g., T90641).

Event Timeline

20 to 200 per-wiki, or 20-200 overall?

Overall. I do not want to send thousands of messages.

"itwiki" "Keegan" 10

Do remember that that is not me :)

@Ironholds thanks!

Wait, the dataset linked above is a /filthy liar/. Correct dataset attached.