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Get python-gear 0.5.5 to trusty-wikimedia and jessie-wikimedia
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Zuul depends on python-gear 0.5.5 which I have packaged. It has been made available for precise-wikimedia but I could now use it on both trusty-wikimedia and jessie-wikimedia

Sid page: has 0.5.4. 0.5.5 upload to Debian project is T89952.

The source package is hosted in Debian git repo:

Git: git://
Git ssh: ssh://

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I have migrated the Debian source package to git and released a new minor Debian version 0.5.5-2. See T89952: Upload python-gear 0.5.5-2 to Debian project for details.

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As pointed by Filippo, the Alioth repository does not have an upstream branch containing the source. There is a debian/watch file though so one can use uscan to grab the tarball from upstream:

uscan --force-download --rename

Should spurts a python-gear_0.5.5.orig.tar.gz in parent dir which git-buildpackage magically find out instead of using upstream branch / upstream tag.

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python-gear 0.5.5-2 uploaded to both jessie-wikimedia and trusty-wikimedia

Confirmed. Thanks a lot @fgiunchedi

From T89952 : Debian Developer Michael "mika" Prokop kindly reviewed 0.5.5-2 from the alioth git repository and uploaded the package to the Debian Project.